About Us

The Babysitters Club is a society of babysitters that service New York City and surrounding areas with curriculum based child care and childrens events. Along with various work opportunities, members will be extensively trained on The Babysitters Club Learning and Fun Curriculum -- a program specially designed to promote learning and growth through fun. Members will be invited to attend monthly gatherings and skill-building workshops.

The Babysitters Club is an enriching experience that not only equips members with helpful knowledge and experience in the child care industry, but also provides members with the opportunity to socialize and bond with peers who share common interests and goals. Members will be able to build their own schedules and control their workloads while exercising personal development, leadership and organization skills.

Training and Workshops

After joining The Babysitters Club, members undergo a thorough and extensive training process which prepares them to properly execute The Babysitters Club Learning and Fun Curriculum. This curriculum was designed to promote learning and growth to children through engaging and hands on, interactive fun. With training, members will be equipped with the skills necessary for implementing lesson plans and helping children meet their personal milestones.

Special skills are a plus, as there are opportunities available for members of The Babysitters Club who are interested and possess the skills needed to instruct training/workshop courses.